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Gluten Free . Allergy Free . Pesticide Free

In addition to organic, local foods, we carry a wide variety of foods, vitamins and herbs that support people with allergies, health and digestive issues, weight or inflammatory issues, vegan diets and more! 

Vitamins and Herbs

Natural medicines are a big part of what we offer at Fine Acres Market. We carry a comprehensive selection of herbs and homeopaths to treat just about any ailment or illness. We have the highest quality of whole-food multi-vitamins and protein powder. Our staff is motivated to guide you on your path of healing and wellness! 

Bulk organic foods, herbs and body products

We pride ourselves here on our well-stocked and sanitary bulk department. You can buy as much or as little as you like on spices, granola, rice, beans, legumes, dried fruit, nuts, grains, honey, maple syrup, oils, peanut butter, tahini, etc. Bring in your own container and save money on quality ingredients while using less resources, creating less waste, and bringing home one less container! We're here to help if you need any assistance!

Organic Meat / Fish

A community-pleaser! We love carrying Beaver Creek Ranch organic meats from Grantsburg, WI. They offer organic, pasture-fed beef, pork and chicken. We've got everything from hot dogs and whole chickens to broth bones, bacon and even beef liver! We also carry Wild Yukon River Salmon, wild sardines, as well as Applegate deli meats. You can't beat having local meat on the table!

 Bulk Coffee Beans and Grounds

The folks in Glenwood City, WI have a close friendship and business relationship with the people who grow Farmer to Farmer Coffee in Honduras and Guatemala. Not only do they assure a fair (and better) price for their beans, they donate their time helping them to a better standard of living. Great coffee with an even better purpose! We've got multiple roasts, come in and get as much as you'll need!

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Skin Care and Beauty

We carry Evanhealy, Mad Hippie and other natural brands of skin, hair and beauty products. Choose from a selection of skin oils including CASTOR oil, Jojoba and shea butters. We also carry natural mascara, foundation and lip products, as well as hair dyes and henna to keep you healthy inside AND out!


We have a rotating selection of fresh, local, fair-trade, and organic certified fruits, vegetables and other grown goods in season. You might even spot your local farmer's goods on these shelves! 

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