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Susan Vezina

 "I have been blessed to have the opportunity to create a place where I can express my passion for food and health. To feel that I am part of the solution in my daily work is such a wonderful opportunity. I am so grateful to the community that supports me. Besides my work here, I love to hike, bike, canoe the river, dance, travel and enjoy time with my family and friends."

Find SUSAN in the store: Tuesdays / Thursdays / Fridays  / Saturdays

Luann Kleppe

I am dedicated to living a sustainable and compassionate life. I love to inspire healthy living choices, as well as learning from others who care about our Planet Earth. I am deeply concerned about how our current day consumption choices (IE: food, medicine, clothing, entertainment, etc.) affects the "bigger picture" for all of us. I choose a vegan diet to live in tune with eco-conscious values and volunteers at Soul Space Animal Sanctuary as a Humane Educator, and enjoy the magnificence of nature in my free time.  "There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth - we are all crew."

Find LUANN in the store: Mondays and Occasional Saturdays


 Annette Rondano

I have been a massage therapist and health advocate for over 33 years. I've studied homeopathics, vitamins, diet and injury recovery and repair, and have helped thousands of people on their journey to living their best pain-free lives.


I have much to say about how choosing the correct thoughts, homeopathics, vitamins and foods can help to make life manageable and (most importantly) enjoyable!

Find Annette in the store: Wednesdays

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