"I have been blessed to have the opportunity to create a place where I can express my passion for food and health. To feel that I am part of the solution in my daily work is such a wonderful opportunity. I am so grateful to the community that supports me. Besides my work here, I love to hike, bike, canoe the river, dance, travel and enjoy time with my family and friends."


Luann is dedicating to living a sustainable and compassionate life. She loves to inspire healthy living choices, as well as learning from others who care about our Planet Earth. She is deeply concerned about how our current day consumption choices (IE: food, medicine, clothing, entertainment, etc.) affects the "bigger picture" for all of us. Luann chooses a vegan diet to live in tune with eco-conscious values and volunteers at Soul Space Animal Sanctuary as a Humane Educator. She enjoys the magnificence of nature in her free time. She also enjoys camping, kayaking, swimming, music, gardening and wild foraging. She teaches classes and workshops relating to exploring deeper realities beyond the surface, Qigong, Plant Spirit Circles, creative movements and healing circles. "There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth - we are all crew."


Solitude and Living Food... The reason I am an aspiring farmer. When I'm not studying livestock breeds and holistic farming, or busy sewing in my studio, I enjoy working here at Fine Acres Market. I firmly believe that mainstream food culture is deceptive, to say the least. I know from experience that food can heal as well as harm our bodies. I'm fascinated by the connection between the gut and everything it affects wheteher it is our brains,  immune system, and emotions. Every day I learn something new about these connections and I wish everyone to find wisdom about their own gut. Happy eating ... I'm headed back to the farm!